Showing the benefits of many construction industry products can be challenging. Key features that deliver the benefits are often contained within protective casings or the product might be concealed from view when installed.

CGI product models, or visualisations, provide the perfect solution and the techniques were applied to stunning effect when we were tasked with producing new marketing collateral for one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of concealed door closers, Samuel Heath.

The company’s Powermatic® door closers deliver a host of benefits thanks to the ingenuity of their design and the fact that they are completely concealed when installed into a door and the door is closed.

Showing the inner workings of the products (without divulging the secrets of their patented unique features) in an attractive, eye-catching manner would have been almost impossible using conventional photographic or illustrative techniques, and the results would have been far from ideal for promotional purposes. CGI modelling provided the perfect solution.

Using the client’s own CAD files, we built 3D CGI models of the door closers, then set to work on creating a final product visualisation which would present them in their best light.

The result is a stunning visual representation of a high performance product, in keeping with the enhanced aesthetics that the door closer delivers to the architectural and design specification markets.

The 3D models have already been used in company literature and will soon be introduced into other marketing communications, including internet, advertising, PR and the like.

Naturally, having built the product models, CGI offers the potential to change colours and finishes, move the viewing angle and develop into animated demonstration models for use in video presentations for websites and sales meetings.

Are your product features and benefits being presented to their best potential? Call us to find out how we can help. Don’t worry if you don’t have CAD files, we can produce 3D CGI models of your products and their applications from the simplest of briefs and references, and will guide you through the entire process to make it as simple, painless and economical as possible.