Publicity Services Privacy Policy

 Who we are

Publicity Services is a full service advertising agency, delivering creative, effective marketing solutions for companies and organisations throughout the UK.

Our head office is located at

Swan Park Business Centre, Tamworth, Staffordshire
 B77 1AG

Main contact telephone: 01543 252877



What is this Privacy Notice?

This Privacy Notice sets out what we do with Personal Data and what you can expect from us as part of our obligations when processing this Personal Data across all our operations.

What data are we gathering?

We collect data on the use of our website in order to track which areas you use, links you have followed to reach our website and websites you visit from links on our website.

We also collect data from information you provide through our website; For example, through submission forms and other interactions.

Data is collected by consent and will only be that which is legally permissible and appropriate to our dealings with you.

Why do we collect this information?

We use this information to communicate with you and to inform and improve our business operations.

It may be used to tailor website content to topics you may be interested in, to enhance visitor experience and to provide you with information on our products and services through various forms of communication, including sales and marketing material.

How is the data collected?

Data is collected through the use of cookies (e.g. for Google Analytics) and through the contact form featured on our website.

We will ask you to consent to our use of cookies when you first visit our website. Cookies can be managed through your browser settings.

Blocking cookies on our website may affect your viewing experience.

By completing and submitting contact forms on our website you will be deemed to have given us permission to use your data for the purposes for which it is intended.

When will we delete this data?

We may keep information for different periods of time for different purposes as required by law or best practice.

Data is deleted when it is no longer required for the purposes for which it has been collected or when you make a specific request to have your data removed from our records.

Who has access to this data and who do we share it with?

Information is only available to Publicity Services staff members who require it to undertake their responsibilities.

Information is not shared with external organisations, unless required by business partners in providing services to you.

You can request information on your personal data at any reasonable time through our normal contact channels and hours of business. This can include the data held, its origin, purposes for which it is used and the individuals and organisations who have access to it. This right will not apply in cases where it would adversely affect the rights and freedoms of others or where the interests of business confidentiality outweigh those of information disclosure.

Where will the data be stored?

This data is securely stored as appropriate to its format (in an online data storage system, as electronic documents in a secure storage solution or as paper records in locked filing systems,). We take data security seriously.

What are your rights to your Personal Data?

As a Data Subject you have rights over your own data that you can exercise at any time, these are:

  • Accuracy – we must keep your data accurate
  • Deletion – we must erase data if not needed or requested by you, that is not excessive and is possible
  • Portability – we must provide a copy of your data back to you
  • Processing – we must cease a processing activity if you object to it
  • Consent withdrawal – we must allow you to withdraw consent at anytime

In the event that you wish to contact us to exercise these rights or for any further queries on this Privacy Notice please contact

This Privacy Policy will apply from the date it is posted on our website and will govern the way in which we collect and use personal information from then on.