…it’s the way that we do it!

Let’s face it, almost any full service advertising agency can provide you with everything you need to satisfy your marketing services requirements – copywriting, design, origination and implementation of all types of promotional tools from advertising to websites, PR to inbound marketing, brochures to exhibition stands.

And all will confidently proclaim themselves to be creative, responsive, proactive and different to the rest. Oh yes, and be committed to delivering your marketing requirements on time and within budget!

So how do you choose our full service advertising agency?

How do we convince you that we’re different and that we are worthy of your consideration? It’s difficult, because we do offer what all the others offer, but simply saying this makes us sound like everyone else, doesn’t it?

Having sat and thought about it for a while, we realised that there has to be a reason why our clients choose to do business with us and why they stay with us for so long.

What single aspect of what we do instils such loyalty and trust?

Great designs?

Superb copywriting?

Creative advertising?

Exceptional literature?

Erudite PR?

Wonderful websites?

Our happy, smiling faces? 

Despite total confidence in the work that we produce (and our smiles!), there has to be another reason for choosing to work with Publicity Services.

After a couple of cans of Red Bull and more pondering, we realised that the majority of our clients just throw a task at us and leave us to it. No detailed brief about objectives, target audiences, buying motives and the like. No long explanations and discussions about the product’s features and how they relate to the target audiences. No bouncing back responsibility for copy, images and other collateral. No need to chase progress. No wondering if the task will be delivered on time, on budget and to their requirements. No worries, in fact! And a rejection rate that is so small as to be meaningless (nil!).

So that’s it!

It’s not about the range and quality of promotional items that we provide, although we can provide every type of marketing communication and we are pretty good at what we do!

It is the trust that our clients place in us to think on their behalf, faith that we will act in their best interests and confidence that we will apply ourselves to every task as if it were our own.

It is the integrity to ask what is best for our clients and the determination to deliver it to the best of our abilities.

It is the peace of mind in knowing that when we are asked to do something, our clients can be sure that it will be done to their satisfaction.

The problem is that these are just words

You can look around the rest of this website and see examples of our work (nice aren’t they?).

You can look at our client list to see who we have worked for (impressive!).

We could give you endless testimonials that our clients have put their names to (we’re blushing!).

But everyone’s needs are different; none of these examples, lists or testimonials will tell the whole story, neither will they enable you to properly assess what we can do for you and your organisation.

Ultimately, there is only one way to discover how genuine we are and whether we fit your ideal and that is to meet us and, we hope, put us to the test. Only then will you appreciate that the difference is not only in what we do, but also in the way in which we do it.