Creativity for business

By | 2019-06-14T13:29:51+00:00 June 14th, 2019|Services|

Most people would categorise an advertising agency or design consultancy as being part of the ‘creative industry’. For these types of business it is certainly true that creativity is an important skill, if not the most important skill. Yet, for any business to survive and thrive, whatever field they are in, creativity is a vital [...]

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Get an agency with dirt on its hands

By | 2019-06-11T13:23:53+00:00 June 11th, 2019|Construction industry marketing, Home, Marketing, PR|

Choosing a full service agency that is prepared to get dirty could make all the difference to your marketing, especially if you're in the construction industry. At a recent meeting with a prospective construction industry client, we were asked, "Would you be prepared to attend some of our installer training courses?" A simple question, and one [...]

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Why every start-up company needs graphic design

By | 2019-05-31T14:15:26+00:00 May 31st, 2019|Branding, Marketing|

So, you've got the business idea and you have a plan... One of the next vital steps in the process is naming your business and establishing its brand ethos, including the creation of a visual identity. You could decide on the name and branding strategy for yourself, but this is probably the best time to [...]

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Top advertising mistakes

By | 2019-05-17T13:48:23+00:00 May 17th, 2019|Services|

We've been putting together a list of top advertising mistakes. Here are our thoughts: • Putting too much information in the advert • Not having a cohesive plan/strategy • Not evaluating your advertising activity • Producing a boring advert • Copying your competitors • Not advertising enough - expecting one advert to do the job [...]

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Technical copywriters create understanding

By | 2019-05-10T13:47:11+00:00 May 10th, 2019|Articles, PR, Services|

Is writing one of those 'you either have it or you don't' talents? At its simplest levels, the answer is probably no. Most people can master the rudimentary skills of putting a few words together to make a sentence, and even a few sentences together to make a paragraph. You don't even need to be [...]

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Controlling print costs

By | 2019-04-15T14:00:15+00:00 April 15th, 2019|Design and print|

If you want to keep the costs of your printed marketing materials to the minimum, here are a few suggestions: Planning The first thing to do is to have a good hard think about the print item you think you need: Who is it aimed at? What do you want to say to them? What do you [...]

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Does print still work?

By | 2019-04-12T13:18:33+00:00 April 12th, 2019|Design and print, Services|

Why print works Given the increased use of mobile technology, the well-established presence of computers in all walks of life and the expansion of television, video and digital moving images in our homes, workplaces and urban areas you could be forgiven for coming to the conclusion that any form of communications media other than digital, especially print, [...]

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