Reasons to choose a full service agency

A full service agency, also known as an integrated agency, will be able to provide the entire range of marketing communications tools, rather than offering specialisation in one, such as advertising or public relations. Ideally, it will also be able to provide a valuable marketing resources, offering advice on all areas of marketing strategy.

In many areas of the economy, specialisation is often desirable, but in the area of marketing communications, specialisation has some serious disadvantages that can result in diminished efficiency, reduced effectiveness and lost opportunities.

Effective marketing communications requires a holistic approach, one which considers and exploits all forms of promotional activity in order to maximise contact with target audiences, deliver efficiencies and create opportunities to sell products and services. Using a full service agency facilitates this approach and makes management easier and more effective.

Here are 10 key reasons for choosing a full service agency:

1 – Easier to manage

Using a single, full service, integrated marketing agency makes for quicker, clearer communications: There’s no need for you to manage several different marketing communications suppliers, deliver the same brief more than once and try to promote collaboration between different, potentially competing, suppliers. You give one brief to a single supplier and they will come back with a comprehensive marketing communications strategy which takes all objectives, target audiences, creative ideas and methods into consideration.

2 – Long term strategic partnership

Providing a service, as opposed to being just another supplier, means that full service agencies gain greater understanding of the markets you operate in, your products and services, as well as your working methods, preferences and strategies. As such, they have the potential to become a long term partner.

Not into long term relationships with agencies? This isn’t uncommon, but we would urge caution: Changing your underwear regularly is a good idea, but constantly changing your agency, or agencies, to ‘freshen things up’ or ‘keep them on their toes’ can lead to more work and hassle for you, and poorer results for your organisation.

Relationships are long term because they work! Chopping and changing agencies dilutes the effectiveness of your campaigns, destroys continuity and could mean a lot more work and stress for you!

3 – Cross-discipline thinking

Full service agencies offer an integrated approach to your marketing communications needs. They will be able to consider all methods and media, rather than focus on one, providing you with more effective campaigns.

4 – Broad experience

A full service agency will almost certainly have tackled projects like yours before. They will know what strategies are most effective, how to achieve the best value for money and return on investment for you. They will be able to offer advice on what does and does not work based on broad experience of marketing communications in a variety of markets.

5 – Looking beyond the brief

Full service agencies will focus on the challenge and create solutions that achieve the desired goals, rather than seeking to provide a single solution for what is a multi-faceted requirement.

6 – Impartiality

A full service agency will be media, and method, neutral. They do not need to sell one particular approach because they can offer the entire range of marketing services. They will select the most effective channels and methods to achieve the best results for you.

7 – Comprehensive approach

A full service agency will be able to combine all forms of promotional tools, exploiting established and new media channels to optimise ROI.

8 – Simplicity

By adopting a single, full service approach you won’t have to deal with multiple specialist agencies competing for their share of your budget.

9 – Versatility

Full service agencies are flexible and able to adapt to different challenges as well as to changes in your markets.

10 – Cohesiveness

A full service agency will deliver a strong, cohesive plan with full integration of your message and objectives across all media and methods. The promotional mix will carry the desired message across all activities without risk of confusion or dilution.

11 – Less stress

Sorry, did we say 10 reasons? Well here’s a  bonus!

If the above 10 reasons haven’t convinced you of the operational benefits of using a full service agency, here’s one final one that will mean something to you personally.

A little stress is probably no bad thing, but you get enough of that in your daily working life without adding to it by trying to manage more suppliers than you need to!

Put simply, using a full service, integrated marketing communications agency makes your life so much easier. Provided you have chosen the right agency (Publicity Services, of course!), you should be able to look forward to an effective, efficient, pleasant, lasting and, above all, stress-free relationship that delivers results for you and your organisation.

For an informal, totally confidential chat, about the benefits that our full service approach can give you, get in touch.