Has email killed direct mail?

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If we were to believe the technology pundits, we could be forgiven for thinking that email and the various forms of e-marketing now available to us – e-shots, e-zines, e-news, etc. – has seen the death of direct mail via the postal system. However, more and more companies are realising that e-marketing is not the [...]

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Does your agency think for you?

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We had an interesting call recently: Ostensibly from a 'web marketing' agency, the charming and efficient chap on the phone offered us a free survey of our website and critique on our web marketing. Always keen to improve our marketing efforts and learn a thing or two, especially if it's free of charge, we agreed. [...]

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10 reasons to choose a full service agency

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Reasons to choose a full service agency A full service agency, also known as an integrated agency, will be able to provide the entire range of marketing communications tools, rather than offering specialisation in one, such as advertising or public relations. Ideally, it will also be able to provide a valuable marketing resources, offering [...]

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Sharing the load – an easier way to social media success

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Ensuring social media success relies on a number of factors. Giving the responsibility to one person is not necessarily the best route. We recently made a marketing communications presentation to a large building materials manufacturer. The subjects were widespread, but one area that came up for discussion was the use of social media. One of [...]

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Technical copywriters create understanding

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Is writing one of those 'you either have it or you don't' talents? At its simplest levels, the answer is probably no. Most people can master the rudimentary skills of putting a few words together to make a sentence, and even a few sentences together to make a paragraph. You don't even need to be [...]

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Marketing to architects

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If you are in the business of marketing to architects, there are a number of factors that need to be considered in order to achieve your desired results. Here we give an insight into the role the architect plays, the reasons they choose products and how building materials manufacturers can influence the specification process:- Why [...]

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PR for the construction industry

By |2018-11-26T15:16:20+01:00August 23rd, 2017|Articles, Construction industry marketing, PR|

What is public relations? Most people know that PR stands for Public Relations, but when asked to define what this means, many will stumble and offer an explanation which conjures up images of AbFab, long lunches and cocktail parties. Whilst this image may be true for some sectors of the economy, as a PR [...]