Architectural illustration

3D CGI architectural illustration offers enormous potential for anyone involved in property or infrastructure development. It can also offer some outstanding benefits to building materials manufacturers and others who market their products and services to the construction industry.

From the property marketing side, whether new build or refurbishment, the cost of property development for housing, commercial or leisure purposes is considerable and there is always a pressure for returns to be realised as quickly and profitably as possible, whilst minimising risk.

Architectural illustrations can help to speed planning applications as well as providing photo-realistic images (still and moving) of the property to facilitate sales before the property is finished.

Infrastructure developments can benefit in a similar fashion with realistic visualisations helping to smooth planning and public consultation stages.

For the building materials manufacturer, architectural illustration techniques can be used to place products in their environment without the expense and complications of photography. Products are shown in clean environments to their very best potential, whilst products that might normally be hidden from view (underground or within a structural element) can be clearly illustrated in situ.

Our CGI artists create realistic architectural visualisations of all types of property exterior and interiors for use in a wide variety of sales and marketing presentations.

Interiors with flair and flexibility

Whether an interior designer, shopfitter, house builder or property developer, your sales and marketing efforts can benefit from high quality artists impressions of your interiors.

As with the exterior, interior visualisations are produced to photo-realistic quality to convince your clients of the project’s potential and your credentials.

3D architectural visualisations of interiors allow you to create introduce finishes, furnishings and moods. You can also change things around to suit your client’s preferences during the design and development process.

Animation adds appeal

Still images created from artists impressions and architectural illustrations have their place, but in this modern world of video and moving images, nothing attracts attention or adds appeal like a fly-round or walk-through of your project.

Animations allow the potential buyer or investor to see things from all angles and give a feel for the scale and quality of your project.

For large projects, such as housing developments, a fly-round takes your audience on a guided tour of the area and its facilities, giving a sense of place and excitement.

For individual projects, such as a home or commercial interior, a walk-through provides a virtual tour from the viewer’s eye level, informing and enthusing the potential buyer and investor.

Video files of fly-rounds and walk-throughs can be used in a wide variety of collateral for property marketing, including internet, sales and kiosk presentations, even VR for that lifelike experience, with professional voice overs and sound tracks.

Find out how your property marketing can benefit from our artists impressions, architectural illustration and 3D CGI visualisations.