So, you’ve got the business idea and you have a plan…

One of the next vital steps in the process is naming your business and establishing its brand ethos, including the creation of a visual identity.

You could decide on the name and branding strategy for yourself, but this is probably the best time to seek expert advice. Whether you already have some ideas of your own or need some inspiration, getting professional input at this earliest of stages can pay dividends, and probably save a lot of time, hassle and money.

Amongst many considerations, a professional branding company will help to ensure that your name is distinctive and appropriate to your markets, that it does not conflict with other brands, is available as a website address and reflects your aspirations.

For your visual identity you could, of course, just go for a cheap logo bought on the internet and slap it on all your company items, but is that truly going to reflect the unique nature of your product or service and the quality you offer?

Will it make you stand out from the crowd and fully evoke your business personality?

And what about the font or fonts to use, the colours, imagery and graphic elements?

How will all these elements fit together to make your company look its absolute best and present your brand and its values?

These days customers in all markets have seen high quality visual identities and will judge your company on your identity, whether it is planned or not.

First impressions count more than ever!

This is where using a professional graphic design service can achieve outstanding results, saving you valuable time, energy and money. Original, carefully considered work will also avoid the potential for costly copyright issues.

Initially, experienced professionals will ask lots of questions and do lots of listening to get a full understanding of your business vision, values and customers. Once these have been communicated the design process can begin.

To get the best results, a designer will need sufficient time to think and produce ideas. They will take the factors you have told them into account and provide you with suggestions and the best options for you. Then, in consultation with you, the designer will revise the initial concepts to arrive at the final look and feel for your visual identity.

Visual identity guidelines will be prepared to establish the rules about where and how your logo can be used, colour combinations and so on to ensure a strong, consistent representation of your brand across all your communications and promotional material.

And, naturally, your chosen designer will be on hand to provide advice and origination materials as your enterprise grows.

With a professional, well-considered and strong brand you are now ready to take on the world, confident in the knowledge that your identity will create the very best impression and provide a platform from which you can grow.

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