Here at Publicity Services, we can come up with the goods no matter how short your brief.

Working to either long or short specifications, we know that we can get the job done.

As an example, just look to our latest work, the design and print of a brochure promoting Fosroc’s constructive solutions for the rail industry.

The client’s request was, simply, that they needed a “highly visual and attractive presentation.”

With this in mind, we got to work.

Using stunning CGIs, photographs, copy and, most importantly, our imaginative and creative minds, we delivered the goods.

In lieu of a traditional list of contents, after a brief introduction, the brochure uses a stunning two-page landscape CGI image. From this, the reader is directed to various sections of the brochure corresponding with the images in the CGI- car parks, bridges, tunnels and so on.

Each section contains a zoomed-in version of a section of the landscape CGI, which gives an immediatte visual reference. Additional CGIs are then used to illustrate areas of application and technical details of Fosroc solutions, each CGI accompanied by a piece of explanatory copy.

The end result is an informative, detailed brochure that fulfils all of the client’s expectations- and then some!

No matter how detailed (or not!) your brief may be, we are always prepared to carry out your vision to its conclusion. Simply call us for details.