The road to hell

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Websites need maintenance So, you've got yourself a content managed, mobile friendly website and can look after it all very nicely by yourself, without the need for spending any more money on a costly website design company? After all, that's the whole point of having a CMS site isn't it? You can forget it and get on [...]

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Your brand and your staff

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All employees  play a crucial part in managing your brand, because they can affect what customers and colleagues think of your business. Therefore, it is important to ensure that they understand your brand and believe in what it stands for. If they do, their actions will communicate this to other colleagues and customers. Employees can [...]

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Content preparation for marketing materials

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Early on in the preparation of any printed marketing materials, and ideally before you contact a designer, it is important to prepare as much content as possible to make the process as efficient as possible and minimise costs. A great first step is to plan in outline and in order the information that will be [...]

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Is your branding still working for you?

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Whatever sector you work in, you should reassess your brand’s values every now and then and look to keep your communications fresh, if only to make sure that you are keeping up with changes in your markets and staying ahead of the competition. All successful companies revisit their brand and communications periodically, even the world's [...]

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Creativity for business

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Most people would categorise an advertising agency or design consultancy as being part of the ‘creative industry’. For these types of business it is certainly true that creativity is an important skill, if not the most important skill. Yet, for any business to survive and thrive, whatever field they are in, creativity is a vital [...]

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Making a marketing plan

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Have you been thinking you need to get together a marketing plan but just don’t seem to find the time or haven’t a clue where to start? Here’s our short guide to the essential elements you need to think about… Your marketing goals Are you looking for new customers, to increase repeat business, increase awareness [...]

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Technical copywriters create understanding

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Is writing one of those 'you either have it or you don't' talents? At its simplest levels, the answer is probably no. Most people can master the rudimentary skills of putting a few words together to make a sentence, and even a few sentences together to make a paragraph. You don't even need to be [...]

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