The benefits of a full service agency

Ever wondered why you should consider using a single, full service, or integrated, agency for your marketing communications rather than separate agencies for advertising, PR, internet, design and so on?

Here are some compelling reasons why a full service agency is best for you:

Single point of contact – integrated agencies facilitate clearer, quicker communication. There’s no need for you to manage several different marketing communications suppliers, deliver the same brief more than once and promote collaboration between different, potentially competing, suppliers.

Long term strategic partnership –  Full service agencies will be able to gain a full understanding of the markets you operate in, your products and services. They have the potential to become a long term partner, rather than being just a supplier.

Not into long term relationships? Think again; they’re long term because they work. Chopping and changing agencies dilutes the effectiveness of your campaigns and means a lot more work for you!

Cross-discipline thinking – Full service agencies offer an integrated approach to your marketing communications needs. They will be able to consider all methods and media, rather than focus on one, providing you with more effective campaigns.

Broad experience – A full service agency will probably have tackled projects like yours before and can offer advice on what does and does not work.

Looking beyond the brief – Full service agencies will focus on the challenge and create solutions that achieve the desired goals.

Neutrality – A full service agency will be media, and method, neutral. They will select the most effective channels and methods to achieve the best results for you.

Comprehensive approach – A full service agency will be able to combine established and new media channels to optimise results.

Simplicity – By adopting a single, full service approach you won’t have to deal with multiple specialist agencies competing for their share of your budget.

Versatility – Full service agencies are flexible and able to adapt to different challenges.

Cohesive – A full service agency will deliver a strong, comprehensive plan with full integration of your message and objectives across all media and methods.

If you want to experience these benefits for yourself, give us a call and we’ll pop along for an informal, totally confidential chat – get in touch!