Property developers, architects and housebuilders have for some time recognised the potential for using artists impressions of their designs, concepts and properties to woo potential investors and clients. Even estate agents can take advantage of the benefits that property CGI can deliver – see this article from The Telegraph – Why CGI is now the estate agent’s best friend.

3D CGI techniques offer a viable alternative to traditional photography:

Architectural illustrations give you a head start

Whether new build or refurbishment, the cost of property development for housing, commercial or leisure purposes is immense. There is, quite understandably, a pressure for the return on investment to be realised as quickly, and profitably, as possible.

But how do you persuade the prospective buyer of, or investor in, your product (house, property, interior, etc.) to part with their cash when the product has not yet been produced?

The answer, of course, is to produce an artists impression, or architectural illustration of the property.

Using state-of-the-art systems, as well as a good deal of skill and imagination, CGI artists can create a realistic artists impression of your property’s exterior and interiors for you to use in your sales and marketing presentations.

Architectural illustrations can be produced well ahead of the project’s completion date, allowing you to get your marketing plans in place and start selling before the property is ready.

A high quality artists impression can be created from the most scant of briefs or detailed architectural drawings with material specifications. When selling a development concept, this can save time and money in attracting property investors, and can often inform the final project design.

CGI creates interiors with flair and flexibility

Whether an interior designer, shopfitter, housebuilder or property developer, your sales and marketing efforts can benefit from high quality artists impressions of your interiors.

As with architectural illustrations of exteriors, interior visualisations can be created to photo-realistic quality to convince your clients of the project’s potential and your credentials. They can also be produced from simple or detailed briefs.

In addition to the time and cost benefits associated with artists impressions, interior designs produced using CGI techniques deliver flair and flexibility to your presentations, allowing you to create individual finishes, furnishings and moods. You can also change things around to suit your client’s preferences during the design and development process.

Animation adds appeal

Still images created from artists impressions and architectural illustrations have their place, but in this modern world of video and moving images, nothing attracts attention or adds appeal like a fly-round or walk-through of your project.

Animations allow the potential buyer or investor to see things from all angles and give a feel for the scale and quality of your project.

For large projects, such as housing developments, a fly-round takes your audience on a guided tour of the area and its facilities, giving a sense of place and excitement.

For individual projects, such as a home or commercial interior, a walk-through provides a virtual tour from the viewer’s eye level, informing and enthusing the potential buyer and investor.

Video files of fly-rounds and walk-throughs can be used in a wide variety of collateral for property marketing, including internet, sales and kiosk presentations with professional voice overs and sound tracks.

Find out how your property marketing can benefit from our artists impressions, architectural illustration and 3D CGI visualisations.