Architectural photomontage

Combining CGI architectural visualisation techniques with location photography has given this small housing development a sense of realism, adding to its attraction and appeal.

At the time that the architectural illustration was created the site, previously the location of a small unsightly industrial unit, was under construction. The properties were only part-finished and were masked by scaffolding and security fencing.

Working from architectural drawings and materials references (supplied in PDF and jpeg formats) our CGI artists set to work on creating the architectural visual of the properties. This was then incorporated into an actual photograph of the site and neighbouring properties. Final retouching of the image was undertaken to remove extraneous elements, such as scaffolding, aerials and blemishes on the neighbouring buildings, roads and pavement.

The result is a high quality architectural illustration that shows the housing developments to its true potential.

And the client’s reaction? Well, he was, of course, delighted with the end result, commenting, “Thanks very much for the CGI. Your team have done a great job. Very pleased you nudged us down the photomontage route!”

Whether you are a house builder, property developer, architect or interior designer, our CGI studio delivers high quality architectural illustrations and artists impressions to help you sell your project.

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