We’ve recently completed a major CGI project for one of the country’s leading manufacturers of concrete repair and waterproofing solutions.

The series of CGIs, which will be used on a new website, comprises artists impressions of product application areas together with technical construction details. The full suite can be seen in various posts on our portfolio pages here:-

CGIs were used in preference to photography for a wide variety of reasons:-

  • Image libraries did not offer the subject matter of quality required.
  • Suitable locations could not be found.
  • Content and composition can be precisely tailored to the project’s requirements.
  • Precise control over quality and style.
  • Changes can be effected at any stage of production.

Artists impressions

Artists impressions were required for a total of 11 scenes, including water treatment, oil and gas, industrial, city centre and airports.

Working closely with the client, Publicity Services executives were given outline briefs of the ideal content. Following this initial consultation, our studio and account staff got to work on collecting as much reference material as possible for each of the artists impressions. This was then filtered in order to obtain the most appropriate styles of buildings and ensure accuracy in key areas.

Once the materials had been sifted, they were handed over to our CGI artists, who used their architectural visualisation skills to create initial greyscale models for client approval. These models allowed the client to check content and camera angles to ensure that the required structures and details were in place to effectively promote product applications.

With greyscales approved, our CGI studio got to work on applying textures and material finishes, retouching and adjusting lighting to arrive at the final, fully-rendered architectural visuals.

Construction details

In addition to the artists impressions for each of the application areas, our CGI studio also produced a number of technical details to show the application of the products themselves in a wide variety of situations.

These technical illustrations were treated with the same care and attention to detail as the artists impressions, with detailed references being gathered to add meat to the client’s brief.

Website navigation

On the website, the main artists impressions are used to depict each industry sector for which Fosroc offers solutions, with hot spots linking the viewer to the various technical details as required, providing a highly visual, intuitive navigation system.

Further examples of our CGI work can be found here – CGI portfolio

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