Email marketing

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If you want to send out regular marketing messages then email could be a good option for you. It's quick, low or no cost and you can target the right audiences at the right time. Responses to emails tend to be higher than postal direct mailers because email is so immediate. Measuring results will show [...]

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Mobile ready websites and emails

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Are your website and emails mobile ready? The proliferation of mobile devices in the last year or two presents a new challenge for marketing. If you want to maximise the opportunities that this new revolution presents, or at the very least not get left behind, you need to make sure that your marketing communications are [...]

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Social media for construction industry marketing

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How can organisations and professionals in the construction industry get the most from social media? Social media goes far beyond Twitter, Facebook, Linked In and Google+. It encompasses a wide range of websites, blogs, forums, and media delivery platforms (YouTube, Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest, RSS feeds, etc.) which allow people and organisations to interact. Use of [...]

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Is my website mobile friendly?

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It's a good, if not essential, question to ask nowadays. We used to think that making a website mobile friendly was purely so that visitors could view the site on mobile phones and other mobile devices, such as tablets. Since the middle of last year, the significance of having a mobile friendly site, or  not, [...]

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Responsive mobile website

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Responsive website boosts Google ranking Staying a step ahead of the market is critical to any business. That's why we gave our client, MobileShred plenty of warning ahead of Google's planned changes regarding mobile friendly websites. Some months ago, Google announced that the algorithms which determined search engine rankings for websites would be adjusted to favour [...]

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Responsive website

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Responsive website meets Google requirements Gateshead-based recycling company, Riverdale Paper came to Publicity Services to have a new responsive, mobile-friendly website created prior to a Google algorithm change. The company's existing website was still serviceable, but with Google announcing that non-mobile-friendly websites would be penalised in its search engine rankings, Riverdale knew that a failure [...]

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Construction CGI enhances website navigation

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Construction CGIs speed website navigation Our latest construction CGI work features a collection of imaginative product application scenes and accompanying technical details for Fosroc, world leaders in constructive solutions. The stunning CGIs have been created specifically for Fosroc's new website, providing a highly attractive means of navigating to relevant content. They will also have broader [...]

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CGIs enhance website

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We've recently completed a major CGI project for one of the country's leading manufacturers of concrete repair and waterproofing solutions. The series of CGIs, which will be used on a new website, comprises artists impressions of product application areas together with technical construction details. The full suite can be seen in various posts on our [...]

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