Identity conveys professionalism

//Identity conveys professionalism

Identity conveys professionalism

Spectrum Services, a Tamworth-based SME operating in the hi-tec communications and networking industry, approached Publicity Services because they wanted to improve their visual image, making it more professional for existing and new customers.

From early consultations it emerged that it was key that the identity conveyed the range of technological services they offer. It was also important for them that the new identity would work well across all of Spectrum’s marketing collateral, including website, stationery, electronic communications and garments such as polo shirts, work gear and fleeces.

After initial research, and a period of incubation, our design team began the development of ideas in earnest. The results of initial design sessions were analysed and filtered within the agency before being developed into higher quality iterations for presentation to the client.

Based on the client’s feedback, revisions were made to the design and colour options developed to arrive at the final approved logo. From this, Publicity Services created an identity toolkit of  logo options, fonts and colours along with guidelines for use. These were then used to design and produce stationery, vehicle livery designs and other marketing collateral.

The final symbol that sits with the name style was developed to convey the idea of a rainbow-like arch, hinting at one of the connotations of ‘spectrum’ but also portraying the idea of wires and the more abstract concepts of broadcast and connectivity.

The font selected for use on all items is Myriad which has a warmth and readability that results from the humanistic treatment of letter proportions and design detail. Myriad’s clean open shapes, precise letter fit, and extensive kerning pairs makes text that is comfortable to read, while the wide variety of weights and widths in the family provide a generous creative palette for display typography.

The harmonious colours are used to convey calmness. The fresh blue has associations with professionalism precision, confidence and trust. The magenta used is a softer variation of red which has energy but with a friendly feel. The purple used has the stability of blue combined with the energy of red along with associations of wisdom and creativity.

The clients’ reaction? “We’re delighted with the new logo and can’t wait to start using it. The identity guidelines are succinct, clear and simple to use, which will help us maintain a consistent presentation across all promotional items. Costs were reasonable too!

“All in all, a great job. Many thanks to you and your team!”

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