We use straight-talking to cover a multitude of attributes that cover the way our agency acts; the language we use, how we conduct our business and what we do for our clients.

From the linguistics perspective, when copywriting, we will use the most appropriate and relevant language necessary to convey our clients’ messages to their target audiences. We are as equally at home using flowery adjectives and technical terminology as we are using regional colloquialisms and trade talk!

However, when it comes to describing what we do, the disciplines involved and what can be achieved, we would rather give it to you straight, without wrapping it up in industry jargon designed to mask what is happening or elevate our position.

The straight-talking principle extends to the way in which we conduct our business; you will find our staff professional, erudite and down-to-earth, and our approach open and honest.

When it comes to what we do for our clients, we provide a wide range of services without fuss or pretence.

Using established marketing principles, we devise solutions that will get our clients’ messages to their markets in the most effective, memorable ways possible, whether through printed, broadcast or digital media. It’s not rocket science, but it does require knowledge, experience, application and a gift for communications.

What does this mean for you? Well, it provides you with the assurance that no matter what stage a project is at, or what information you require, we will do our utmost to let you know exactly where things stand; no flannel, no jargon, no prevarication!