We’ve been putting together a list of top advertising mistakes. Here are our thoughts:

• Putting too much information in the advert

• Not having a cohesive plan/strategy

• Not evaluating your advertising activity

• Producing a boring advert

• Copying your competitors

• Not advertising enough – expecting one advert to do the job

• Believing you don’t need to advertise

• Assuming you can’t afford to advertise

• Not having a consistent image

• Not knowing what to expect from advertising

• Focusing on the product/service and not the benefits

• Not solving your customers problem

• Not placing the right advert in the right place

• Not having a ‘call to action’

• Barely mentioning the product or service

• Not understanding your audience

• Not knowing what your audience wants


We offer the complete advertising service – media planning, media buying, scheduling, creative and despatch of copy. So, if you need help with your advertising (online, print or broadcast), give us a call. We’ll make sure you don’t make any of these top advertising mistakes.