Construction CGIs speed website navigation

Our latest construction CGI work features a collection of imaginative product application scenes and accompanying technical details for Fosroc, world leaders in constructive solutions.

The stunning CGIs have been created specifically for Fosroc’s new website, providing a highly attractive means of navigating to relevant content. They will also have broader use in a wide variety of marketing collateral, including sales presentations and literature.

Our conceptual design team worked closely with the client’s technical sales staff to develop a series of imaginary, but realistic scenes which have been used to demonstrate the application of Fosroc products in civil engineering and construction projects.

For each sector, whether road, rail or marine, our team undertook detailed research, collecting references and applying their knowledge of the construction and civil engineering industries to ensure accuracy of the final image. From here, draft wireframe layouts were prepared for client approval before proceeding to the final stunning, panoramic CGIs.

For the website, it was necessary that each CGI panorama incorporates hotspots to direct the visitor to application details pinpointing how Fosroc products would be used in the construction.

Construction details were created from verbal instructions and rough sketches supplied by Fosroc’s sales and technical staff. Again, these were initially translated into wireframes prior to application of textures and lighting to arrive at the final, fully-rendered 3D model.

It goes without saying that our client was delighted with the end result. Our design team comprises dedicated, creative and imaginative individuals who know how create visual impact without compromising on the accuracy of important construction details.

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