Ever wondered why we have two ears and one mouth? It’s because listening is more important than talking!

At Publicity Services, we consider listening to be one of the most important attributes when it comes to creating solutions for our clients. It ranks alongside ‘asking the right questions’ and ‘acting in our clients’ best interests’.

The first thing we do when talking to a prospective or new client is to listen to what they have to say. They will generally describe their company, products, markets, challenges, sensitivities, resources and requirements, all extremely useful information for us to use when devising marketing communications strategies, establishing messages and creating the most effective solutions.

If we don’t hear everything we need, our staff will ask pertinent questions to extract the necessary information. Sometimes the questions will be quite simple, almost naive, but they will be designed to enhance our insight into the client’s products and markets, provide us with a firm understanding of what the client requires and inform decision-making as to which direction to take. Everything, in fact, to ensure that no stone is left unturned and no trick missed.

So, when we ask you to tell us about an installation problem, the challenges your salesmen face in the market, why your customers buy (or don’t buy) your products and services or how your products compare to the competition, it will be for a reason.

The same focus goes into every project we undertake for our clients – what is the product/service, what are its USPs, who is it going to, what benefits do they derive from it, what is the competition like, what are the objectives, how do we measure success… the questions will keep coming and we’ll keep listening.

We take nothing for granted and will challenge perceptions and conventions in order to maximise the effectiveness of everything we do.

Talk to us, we’re all ears!