It’s a good, if not essential, question to ask nowadays.

We used to think that making a website mobile friendly was purely so that visitors could view the site on mobile phones and other mobile devices, such as tablets.

Since the middle of last year, the significance of having a mobile friendly site, or  not, has taken on new, massive significance, with Google announcing that sites that were not mobile friendly would be penalised in its search engine rankings.

Put simply, this means that if your website does not meet Google’s requirements for mobile friendliness, the site will feature lower down the rankings than it would if it were mobile friendly.

Obviously, it also means that your target audiences won’t be getting the best from your site when they view on mobile devices.

There’s a simple test that you can do for yourself by entering your site URL here –

Why not check your website to see if it meets Google’s requirements?

If it does, well done! If not – and you’d be surprised how many don’t – give us a call to discover what can be done and strategies to work around it.