Are your website and emails mobile ready?

The proliferation of mobile devices in the last year or two presents a new challenge for marketing. If you want to maximise the opportunities that this new revolution presents, or at the very least not get left behind, you need to make sure that your marketing communications are mobile ready.

Gone are the days when surfing the internet meant having to sit at a desk. Laptops and WiFi went some way towards freeing people from such constraints, but it is the advent of mobile devices that has unshackled us from our desks. Smartphones, tablets, notebooks and hybrids, together with improvements in mobile networks, are making internet surfing and access to other electronic information, such as emails, easier and more readily available.

Mobile devices are changing all the time; smartphones, tablets and other devices are available in an array of shapes and sizes, and with different operating systems, mobile networks are improving and people are altering their habits to take advantage of the freedom and flexibility that these advances provide.

Smartphones now account for around 60% of the total phone market and usage extends beyond making calls and texting. Some 74% of users check their emails via their phone, 67% use them to search for information and nearly 60% use them for social media interaction.

People are now accessing information in different ways according to what their circumstances demand; mobile phones are used in the mornings, desktop machines during the day and tablets in the evening.

Naturally, the effects are most obvious in consumer markets, but the changes are also influencing commercial markets too. Whether you are concerned with B2C or B2B, there is no escaping these trends, and your marketing needs to take them into consideration.

How do you make a website or email mobile ready?

Well, it’s not just a matter of shrinking content to fit the mobile device. You need to be aware of the user experience and how it can be optimised.

Consider what content you need and how best you can make this available to the user through the variety of devices they use.

Creating a responsive website (one which adapts to different screen sizes) might be sufficient to meet your needs. Additional considerations would be responsive email designs or the use of bespoke applications (apps) to carry your message.

Whilst there will always be a commercial objective to your solutions, tailoring them to the needs of the user will reap maximum rewards.

If you need a responsive website, assistance with an email campaign or advice on apps and other electronic marketing, give us a call.